My favorite blogs and newsletters for writers

As a writer, it’s often difficult to find places to submit finished pieces or to pitch ideas. I swear sometimes that part of “being a writer” takes up more time than the actual writing itself.

I’ve often recommended various newsletters and blogs to friends, but I thought this info would be useful for lots of other folks. So here it is: the list of my favorite blogs and newsletters! No matter what it is I’m writing or thinking about writing, I can usually find an outlet that would make a great home to the piece.

Kaitlin Arford – Freelance Opportunities (weekly)

Authors Publish (multiple times/month)

Ashley Broadwater – Ashley’s Newsletter for Writers (monthly)

Chill Subs (multiple times/month)

Erika Dreifus – Practicing Writing (multiple times/month)

Freedom with Writing (multiple times/month)

Jane Friedman – Electric Speed Newsletter (multiple times/month)

FundsforWriters (weekly)

LitMagNews (multiple times/month)

Sian Meades-Williams – Freelance Writing Jobs (weekly)

WOW! Women on Writing (multiple times/month)

Do you have a favorite you’d recommend? I am happy to expand this list!