Geyer specializes in writing about Berlin, travel tips, and literary topics.
Below are select examples of her most recent published nonfiction writings.


Käse Study  berlin-is-a-year-round-halloween-town  dont-arrive-in-europe-on-a-sunday

3-two-wheeled-ways-to-see-berlin  al-fresco-berlin  the-city-behind-the-city-of-berlin


“Throwing off the Shackles of the To-Read Wish List,” Submittable, December 2017   html

“It’s Like I Don’t Even Know You Anymore,” WOW! Women on Writing Newsletter, April 2017    html

“My Year of Naming Things,” WOW! Women on Writing Newsletter, January 2017    html

“Two Ways of Reading a Book,” Passages North “Writers on Writing” feature, December 2016    html

“One Scene, Three Places,” WOW! Women on Writing Newsletter, October 2016    html

“2 Easy Productivity Hacks for Writers,” WOW! Women on Writing Newsletter, June 2016   html

“In the cross-cut,” The Writer, April 2016