The Scabbard of Her Throat

“The poet-speaker of these poised, versatile poems says, ‘I’ve begun/to believe in the rightness of belief … every falseness/has its moment–/however brief–of sacred truth.’ She does not begrudge anyone his or her illusions. She’s a student of luck, fairy tales, and magic, and of domestic life with its myriad attachments. Her poems are struck with the grace of a disillusionment, which is not at all bitter but invites imagination to join with the quotidian. In the special, liminal space of art, she makes her poems carefully, honestly, and with devotion.”

–Dana Roeser, author of In the Truth Room

“Adventures in daughterhood, motherhood, womanhood, loverhood, poethood. Adventures in adjusting to life (‘The longer I live, the less I believe/in the singular rightness/of what I have chosen to believe’) and in sifting through so many details of life the poet sometimes feels she’s become Marcel Proust. Often funny, often touching, often reassuring, often delightful, these poems are always humane and wise. Enjoy the eloquence. Enjoy the craft. Enjoy the ride.”

–John Surowiecki, author of Flies

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Book cover image, “Like Taking the Black Off a Crow,” by Kathleen Kendall.