How Writers Can Gain Visibility and Find Opportunities on the HARO Platform

I wrote the featured article for the 17 September 2021 issue of Funds for Writers, published weekly by Hope Clark, in which I talk about the various ways that writers — both freelancers and creatives — can use the “Help a Reporter Out” platform to find opportunities for themselves. Below is a short excerpt.

Being quoted in articles or books can give you a boost of name recognition as a writer. One recent request was from a journalist who asked freelancers what skills they think can give someone an advantage, regardless of industry. Another recent post sought authors to contribute book promotion success stories.

Some queries are as simple as sharing an inspirational quote about life and business or even personal writing rules. Other requests can be for advice on fundamental issues freelancers face, such as how to ask for a deposit in a contract. Some journalists even want to interview other reporters, such as a recent post seeking science journalists to talk about challenges in pandemic reporting.

Read more in the online version of the Funds for Writers newsletter.


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