Online Clips for Freelance Writers: Websites vs. Portfolios


Online Clips for Freelance Writers: Websites vs. Portfolios

Begins: Upon Ordering  (one 30-minute video plus one 30-minute Skype/Zoom call)

Published writers should always have a selection of clips easily accessible to provide to potential publishers and editors. With the wealth of online media outlets to publish on, it’s likely that you have a list (somewhere?) of articles you’ve published and links to their online versions. But is that list accessible somewhere for publishers so they can scan through the list themselves and not be limited to the few examples you provided to them in your pitch cover letter?!

By looking at case studies of writers who use either websites or online portfolio platforms (or both), participants will have a clear understanding of the benefits and drawbacks of both options. They will also see that it’s actually quite simple to set up an easily-accessible space to showcase examples of their writing. The workshop will also cover how to make your online portfolio cohesive with your social media profiles via simple branding tactics.

Participants will receive a link to a password-protected video. After the participant watches the video, they can set up a Zoom/Skype call, where they can ask questions and receive feedback from the instructor regarding the online clips resource they’ve set up.

Register here. US$40.00.

I’ve taken Bernadette’s workshops twice and I’m waiting in the wings for the next one. There is no pressure, just information and inspiration. ~ Catherine H.

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